HR help for Technology,
Innovation, and Video
Game start-ups

When you’ve built your company on your culture and people, thinking about bringing in HR support can feel like the first step to becoming corporate. We've got a broad range of experience in the Tech and Video Games sectors where low policy, culture rich environments are the norm.

We'll work to ensure your team can run efficiently and compliantly while still relying on common sense and collaboration to get things done.

Setting up the basics

If you're early in your business growth, you might need help with a specific problem, or you might want to start taking your HR operations a bit more seriously. We can review what you currently have in place and set up the basics so you don’t have to worry if you might be missing some essential guidelines.

We can also help you fight fires (it happens!). If you have a specific problem, we can help bring it to a quick resolution, so you don't have to worry about it.

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Project assistance

If you know the projects you'd like to run but don't have time to deliver them we can work on design, delivery, and implementation for you so you can allocate your time wisely.

We've got tons of experience across the full range of people-focused projects like creating and running training, headcount planning and assistance with mergers and acquisitions.

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Strategic people planning

Having advised business leaders on all elements of people strategy, we're confident we can ask those honest questions, challenge thinking, and ensure your business plans are backed up by HR initiatives.

We can be a critical friend and coach to leaders at all levels, stress test your people plans and make sure you benefit from our experience.

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Everything you need in one place

With years of experience under our belts, we have dealt with a wide range of people projects, from the most basic, to high risk or strategic situations.

We aim to help you discover what the most important projects are for your stage of growth and either help you solve them, or get you set up to become self-reliant.

Whether you need someone to help fight fires or help you scale, we have broad experience to be able to help.

Fully indemnified advice

The advice you receive from us is fully insured and indemnified, so you can rest assured that following any advice from us won’t leave you in a difficult situation.

Photo of Paul Langworthy
Paul Langworthy CEO, 7digital

Jamie is an exceptional HR professional.

He brings a calm and assured outlook to challenging HR scenarios and strikes the perfect balance between supporting a company's staff whilst helping to meet the objectives of the organisation itself.

His people skills are second to none and his knowledge of the employment law landscape are as detailed as you would need.

He has a strong eye for people development and understands the responsibility of an organisation to develop its talent.

He's also great fun to work with and I would not hesitate in recommending Jamie.

Photo of Marta Gaczynska
Marta Gaczynska VP People, Moixa

It has been a pleasure to work with Jamie. He has the ability to build strong and credible relationships with internal and external stakeholders, is a creative problem solver who is always ready to provide advice and support and who is open to new ideas and welcomes challenges.

He has a wealth of knowledge of the employment law and HR best practice.

One of his biggest strengths is the fact that he is able to see the overview of any situation and create an action plan in order to improve organizational effectiveness.

He does with a passion, enthusiasm and his quirky smile.

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